Reduce your blast radius with Automated Rollouts

Automated rollouts allows you to release your mobile app to a subset of users and monitor the impact of the release before gradually rolling it out to the rest of the users.

Naren · March 21, 2023 · 3 minute read

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As developers, we know how important it is to deliver a smooth and crash-free app experience for our users. Teams usually have an on-call rotation to monitor the app's health and address any issues that may arise. However, this process can be repetitive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, especially if you're releasing a new app version every week. This may inadvertently discourage frequent releases, which is not ideal for rapid iteration and improvement.

Having been mobile developers for a long time, we understand the challenges when deploying new versions of their apps. That's why we're excited to announce Automated Rollouts, which allows you to release your mobile app to a subset of users and automatically monitor the impact of the release before gradually rolling it out to the rest of the users. This functionality harnesses the power of Sentry and other error-monitoring tools to automate the rollout process.

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of our Automated Rollouts and show you how rollouts can help streamline the deployment process, minimize crashes, and enhance your users' experience.

Why use Automated Rollouts?

Traditionally, mobile app deployment has been time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring meticulous monitoring and constant adjustments based on the error rate. Automated Rollouts addresses these challenges by automating the rollout process and integrating with popular error monitoring tools like Sentry. This means that, instead of manually monitoring crash rates and other metrics, you can now rely on our intelligent system to:

  1. Start the rollout process by releasing the app to a subset of users.
  2. Detect potential issues during the rollout.
  3. Automatically pause the rollout when predefined thresholds have been exceeded.
  4. Notify your team of any problems, so you can quickly address them.
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How It Works

Our Automated Rollouts in three simple steps:

Integrate with Error Monitoring Tools: Connect your app to error monitoring tools like Sentry to provide real-time data on your app's performance during a release. Wolfia seamlessly integrates with these tools, aggregating and analyzing the data to make informed decisions.

Define Health Metrics: Establish the key health metrics and thresholds for your mobile application, such as crash rate, error rate, and response times. You can customize these parameters to suit your app's needs and requirements.

Monitor and Adjust: Our Automated Rollouts actively monitors your app's health during rollout. If it detects any predefined health metrics thresholds are exceeded, it will automatically pause the release, preventing further issues. Your team will be notified of any problems, allowing you to address them quickly and efficiently.

Halted Rollout

Benefits of Automated Rollouts

By leveraging the power of Sentry and other error-monitoring tools, our Automated Rollouts offer several key benefits:

Improved User Experience: A smooth and crash-free app experience is critical for user retention and satisfaction. Automating the rollout process and monitoring your app's health can reduce crashes and ensure a more positive user experience.

De-risk Releases: With automated rollouts, you can roll out new features and updates without worrying about potential issues affecting your users. This saves time and resources, allowing your team to focus on other essential tasks.

Reduced Costs: Manually monitoring and halting problematic app updates can be time-consuming. Our Automated Rollouts remove the need to manually monitor health metrics by proactively monitoring the app's health during the rollout process and making adjustments when necessary.

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Companies like Uber, Shopify, Gojek and Sharechat use staged rollouts functionality provided by the App Store and Play Store in their release process to ensure a smooth and crash-free app experience for their users. With Automated Rollouts, you can now leverage the same technology to streamline your mobile app deployment process with Wolfia.

Our new Automated Rollouts is designed to help developers and businesses deliver a better user experience by simplifying and automating the mobile app deployment process. With seamless integration with Sentry and other error monitoring tools, this feature enables you to detect issues early, prevent crashes, and ensure a smoother and more enjoyable app experience for your users.

Why Choose Wolfia over Fastlane?

Wolfia offers unique features, benefits, and advantages that make it an attractive alternative to Fastlane. Here's why you should consider adopting Wolfia over Fastlane:

Automated Rollouts: Wolfia's Automated Rollouts feature intelligently monitors app health during deployment, automatically pausing rollouts when predefined thresholds are exceeded, and notifying teams of any issues.

Ease of Use: Wolfia simplifies the app development and deployment process with an intuitive user interface and straightforward setup, making it easy for developers with varying experience levels to use.

Faster Development and Deployment Cycles: Wolfia's features can speed up development and deployment cycles, allowing teams to iterate more rapidly and efficiently.

Integration with Error Monitoring Tools: Wolfia seamlessly integrates with popular error monitoring tools like Sentry, allowing developers to have real-time data on app performance and automate decision-making during the deployment process.

Customizable Health Metrics: Wolfia offers flexibility in defining custom health metrics and thresholds, allowing teams to tailor the deployment process to their specific app requirements.

Superior Customer Support: Wolfia is committed to exceptional customer support, ensuring that users receive timely assistance and resources to help them navigate any challenges they may encounter.

Free Trial and Onboarding Assistance: We offer a free trial of Wolfia to potential users, along with personalized onboarding assistance, to help them experience the benefits firsthand and facilitate a smooth transition from Fastlane.

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If you're interested in learning more, please contact us or try Wolfia for free to see how it can help streamline your mobile app deployment process.

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