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Wolfia enables automating your mobile app releases from source code to the App Store and Play Store, encourages best practices, and improves visibility into the release process.

Wolfia helps accelerate and improve the quality of your releases by automating the entire release process.



  • Automates your releases - Wolfia distributes your app on a schedule and uploads it to the relevant app store.
  • QR code releases - Wolfia distributes you app via QR code which can be used to download and install your app.
  • Summarizes your releases - Wolfia provides a summary of your releases to help you understand the impact of your releases.
  • Visualizes your releases - Wolfia provides a UI to track the status of your automated release.


  • Automates your rollouts - Wolfia can roll out your app to a percentage of your users and increase the percentage over time.
  • Monitor your rollouts - Wolfia monitors your rollouts for issues and halts the rollout if issues are detected.

Ease of use

  • Integrates in existing CI pipeline - Wolfia integrates with your existing CI pipeline within minutes without any configuration, so you can start releasing your app in minutes.
  • Integration with Sentry - Wolfia integrates with Sentry to automatically monitor your releases for crashes and adoption.
  • Webhooks - Wolfia provides webhooks to integrate with your existing tools and custom workflows.

Wolfia Release

Reach out to us

If you are interested, reach out to us at We will help set up your CI and CD to get you started with Wolfia.