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Wolfia lets you share a link to a mobile emulator running your app. Developers can get feedback instantly on a feature they just built by sharing a link to an interactive version of their app.

Upload your first app by logging into Wolfia

Quick Start

Learn how to use Wolfia API (Beta). With Wolfia API, you can create magic links without using our UI.

This enables you to integrate magic link generation with your custom workflows like continuous integration, JIRA automation and more.

What you'll need

Generate an API Key

On the settings page, you can generate a new API key by clicking the + create button.

Settings page

After you create a new API key, make sure to copy and store your API Key ID and API Key Secret in your secrets store (e.g. AWS Secrets manager, Vault, etc.). API Key Secret should be treated as a password and securely stored.


Wolfia does not store your API Key Secret so please copy and securely store it, as it will be only visible this one time.

API Key Generation

Next up, you will learn how to use the API Key ID & API Key Secret to generate and update magic links using Curl.