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Connecting your app with Sentry unlocks the ability to monitor a release for errors and crashes all in one place. Additionally, this surfaces adoption rates for each release of your app. Finally, it allows automatically halting (or pausing) a phased rollout if a threshold is exceeded.

Integration setup

This following steps assume you have already created your app in Wolfia and integrated Sentry into your app. If not, these are both required before continuing.

In Wolfia, navigate to the app settings by clicking the gear icon next to the selected app (applies to both Android and iOS).

App settings

In the app settings, click the button that says "Connect Sentry project".

App settings - Connect Sentry

This will open a dialog that prompts for a Sentry Auth Token.

Generate a Sentry Auth Token with the following scopes (permissions):

  • project:read - needed to read the list of projects and select the associated project
  • org:read - needed to read health metrics for the selected project, such as adoption rate and crash rate
  • event:read - needed to read the list of events (errors) that have occurred for a given release

Input this token into the dialog and click "Continue".

App settings - Sentry dialog

This will move to the next step which will list your available projects.

App settings - Sentry projects

Select the project that is associated with this app and click "Connect".

You've successfully integrated your app with Sentry!

Available features

Once you've successfully integrated your Wolfia app with Sentry several new features will be available.

Release error events

The most comment error events for a given release will be surfaced directly within your release. This allows you to quickly see the errors that have occurred for a given release.

Sentry error events

Release health metrics

Health metrics (adoption and crash rate by sessions) are also surfaced directly within your release (see above screenshot). This allows you to quickly see the adoption rate and crash rate for a given release.

Additionally, the adoption rate is surfaced directly within the release list to make it easy to see which releases are being adopted by users.

Sentry adoption

Automated Rollouts (phased release/staged rollout monitoring)

With this feature (error monitoring configuration) and a phased releases/staged rollouts enabled, this can be fully automated.

Read more about Automated Rollouts.