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Getting started


Contact us and we'll help you get setup, including your Continuous Integration (CI)!

To get started, login to Wolfia and create an account with your Google account.

↔️ Connect the app repository

Wolfia connects to the app repository to automatically configure releases based on your app and automatically increment the version for internal and production releases.

Once logged in, select "Add new app"

Follow the prompts to connect your app repository:

  • GitHub
  • More source control providers coming soon

📦 Import the app

Once the integration is completed, the next step is to import the repository in Wolfia and create the app.

Depending on the platform you'll need to provide additional details to connect to the relevant app store:

📤 Upload the app builds

The final step is to integrate your Continuous Integration (CI) with Wolfia to upload your release builds.

When a version bump is made and the release build is complete, provide the app to Wolfia to upload and release:

🐛 Connect an error monitoring provider

Optionally, connect with your error monitoring provider to monitor the health of a release and automate rollouts.

This includes displaying errors for a release, adoption for a release, and enables automatically halting (or pausing) a rollout if the error rate exceeds a threshold.

  • Sentry
  • More error monitoring providers coming soon

🚀 Automate releases!

Once you've completed the above steps, you can now automate your releases and monitoring with Wolfia and focus on building your app!