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Provisioning Profiles

A provisioning profile authorizes your app to use certain app services and ensures that you’re a known developer developing, uploading, or distributing your app. A provisioning profile contains a single App ID that matches one or more of your apps and a distribution certificate. - App Store Connect Documentation

Provisioning Profiles can be managed in the Apple Developer UI. Wolfia also provides a basic UI for adding devices to Ad Hoc Provisioning Profiles.

Adding devices to Ad Hoc Provisioning Profiles

To distribute a QR code build to a device, the device must be added to the Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile.


App Store Connect does not allow updating an existing provisioning profile. Instead, a new provisioning profile will be created with the updated devices and the existing provisioning profile will be deleted.

  1. Go to the relevant iOS app in Wolfia.
  2. Click on the Provisioning Profiles tab. Provisioning profiles - tab
  3. Click the relevant Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile.
  4. Click on the Add a new device button. Provisioning profiles - profile view
  5. Enter the device's UDID and click Add device. Provisioning profiles - add device

Create a new build and the device should be able to install the build.


The provisioning profile needs to be updated with the changes when building the app. This can be done automatically using the wolfia-ios-build-setup GitHub Action to dynamically fetch the provisioning profile based on name.