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Release notes

When releasing, notes can be included to describe to your users what was changed in that release.

This is supported on both Android ("Release notes") and iOS ("What's New in This Version") on a per-app basis.

Configuring release notes

Select the app settings for either an Android or iOS app in the left sidebar.

iOS app settings

Once in the settings, update the Release notes and click Update when done.

Release note settings

The next release for that app will use the updated releases notes.

Default release notes

Release notes can be tedious, and would be a blocker for fully automating releases with scheduled releases. Therefore, Wolfia provides a generic default release note message as follows:

This release contains bug fixes and improvements. We frequently update the app to make your experience better.

Per-release release notes

To update the release notes for a single release, update the app release notes with a custom message before the next release happens. Please note that they will be applied to all subsequent releases, but can be reverted back to a more generic message afterwards.