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Scheduled releases

Wolfia supports scheduling releases per track, at a specific frequency (daily or weekly) and time of day.

This can be used to build and release an internal track daily (eg: nightly build), or a production build weekly.

This ensures your release always goes out on time, encourages best practices, and puts your app releases on autopilot so you don't have to worry about it.

How to create a schedule release

From either an Android or iOS app, click any track.

Scheduled release tracks

Once on a track page, click Configure scheduled release in the Scheduled release section.

Scheduled release track

This will expand a form to select the release frequency:

  • Daily: release once a day, starting at the first release date and time, and repeating at the same time every day thereafter.
  • Weekly: release once a week, starting at the first release date and time, and repeating at the same day and time every week thereafter.

Once done, click Schedule. This will complete scheduling the release for that track. This unique per track and can be done for any track.

Scheduled release frequency

Changing or removing a schedule release

To change either the release frequency or time, or remove it entirely click the Edit button in the Scheduled release section next to the release frequency.

Scheduled release scheduled

This will expand a form with the current release frequency and the nearest future hour.

The release frequency can be changed and/or the release day and time can be changed.

Alternatively, the scheduled release can be removed entirely by clicking Remove.

Scheduled release remove

In the confirmation dialog, click Remove again to confirm. This will remove the scheduled release for that track and will no longer release the track on a cadence.

Scheduled release remove confirmation