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Apple App Store Connect


Contact us and we'll help you get setup, including your App Store Connect account!

In order automate the release of your app to the Apple App Store with Wolfia, you need to allow Wolfia to access your App Store Connect account. This is done by providing an API key, API issuer ID, and private key file.

Generate an API key

To generate keys, you must have an Admin account in App Store Connect.

  1. Log in to App Store Connect.
  2. Select Users and Access, and then select the API Keys tab.
  3. Click Generate API Key or the Add (+) button.
  4. Enter a name for the key. The name is for your reference only and is not part of the key itself.
  5. Under Access, select the role for the key.
  6. Click Generate.

The new key's name, key ID, a download link, and other information appears on the page.

Copy this information when creating an app in Wolfia.


The file you downloaded contains a private key with access to your account. You should keep this file in a secure location and not share it with anyone.

You can learn more about App Store Connect API keys here.