Announcing our ISO 42001 partnership with Insight Assurance

An in-depth look at our partnership to help AI companies get ready for ISO 42001

March 18, 2024 · 2 minute read
Naren Manoharan
Naren Manoharan
Cofounder & CEO

Wolfia, the compliance platform for AI companies, has partnered with Insight Assurance, an auditor for compliance assessments, for ISO 42001 gap assessments.

ISO 42001 is the new international standard for AI companies. It provides a structured framework to develop and use AI responsibly along with identifying and mitigating AI specific risks.

Our product is already being used by several fast-growing AI companies such as PeopleGPT, Mendable, Fini, and Solve Intelligence to stay compliant with new AI frameworks.

Many enterprise buyers will not buy your AI products if you are not compliant with ISO 42001.

Who is ISO 42001 for?

ISO 42001 applies to AI companies - any company involved in developing or providing AI-based products or services. It is applicable across all industries.

Why is ISO 42001 important for my company?

ISO 42001 is crucial because it ensures your AI company meets basic standards for AI risk, safety, and privacy. Compliance helps build trust with enterprise buyers, many of whom will not buy your products if you are not compliant with ISO 42001.

Who created ISO 42001?

It was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in December 2023. ISO is the leading security body behind many cybersecurity frameworks that companies comply with.

How to make your company ISO 42001 compliant?

To achieve ISO 42001 compliance, you need to ensure:

  • Proper documentation of AI security practices.
  • Regular testing and monitoring of AI models for performance, accuracy and bias.
  • Implementation of robust cybersecurity measures for AI systems.
  • Continuous monitoring and documentation updates for compliance.

Wolfia helps you prepare the relevant security documentation, evidence and provides monitoring capabilities to get you ISO 42001 ready. Specific examples of controls you need to enforce include:

CategoryExamples of Controls
AI Data GovernanceWhat data do you use to train your AI models?

Are you using any customer or PII data to train your AI models?

What customer data do you share with 3rd party LLM providers?
AI Model Testing and MonitoringWhat performance monitoring checks do you have?

How do you test for accuracy of the model?

How do you prevent bias?
AI CybersecurityHow do you prevent prompt injection?

How do you safeguard against training data poisoning?

How do you enforce access control to your AI models?
3rd Party AI ToolsWhat 3rd party AI tools do you use?

What data do you share with 3rd parties?

How does Wolfia and Insight Assurance help with ISO 42001?

Wolfia can help you get ISO 42001 compliant. We provide the documentation templates, continuous monitoring, technology platform and 1:1 expertise to get you ready for ISO 42001.

If you would like to get an independent 3rd party assessment, Wolfia has partnered with Insight Assurance, a respected compliance audit firm, to validate your AI security controls. Several of our customers like PeopleGPT, Mendable, Solve Intelligence, Fini are able to close deals because they achieved ISO 42001 compliance.

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