Automate your mobile app releases

Continuous deployment for your mobile apps, without the hassle

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Mobile releases should be automated

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Save time by automating the deployment of your app for all channels: Production, Alpha/Beta, Internal.

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Product Managers & Designers

Always get the latest version of the app thanks to a nightly internal release.


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Git integration

Automatically bump the version and add a tag.
See which commit was released to know what made it into the release.


Automatically ship the latest build to everyone in your company with nightly internal releases.

iOS & Android support

Ship your app to the App Store, TestFlight and the Play Store.

CI integration

Use your CI to automatically upload the latest builds, or let us set one up for you.

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Release monitoring

See crash rates, ratings, and adoptions metrics. Get notified and halt the release when something is wrong.

Enterprise features

SSO, granular permissions, user management, and on-prem option.

Stop releasing manually

Focus on developing new features, we'll take care of shipping them.

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