Juicebox x Wolfia

Case Study

How Juicebox closes deals faster with the Wolfia AI Trust Center

CompanyJuicebox (PeopleGPT)

DescriptionAI-powered people search

HeadquartersSan Francisco, CA

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5,000 views of the AI Trust Center within 2 weeks since launch
“Wolfia increased the speed of passing security review by 5x. AI compliance has been key for a number of our deals, and Wolfia has helped us turn compliance processes into a strength. In buyer conversations, I show the Wolfia Trust Center more than some of our product features. It’s a critical part of our sales process”
Portrait of David Paffenholz

David Paffenholz

CEO & Co-Founder, Juicebox


  • Since the AI industry is new, several enterprise buyers are reluctant to buy AI products because of security and compliance concerns.
  • Juicebox wanted to close enterprise deals - and needed to proactively showcase its AI security posture to its buyers and customers.


  • Juicebox implemented the Wolfia AI Trust Center to document and share all of its AI security documentation and information.
  • The Juicebox Trust Center showcases how it handles important AI security risks such as AI data security, AI model testing, AI Cybersecurity.
  • Juicebox Trust Center also shows how it stays compliant with new AI compliance standards such as ISO 42001.


  • Juicebox was able to close enterprise deals significantly faster because of the Wolfia Trust Center.
  • Buyers feel more confident that Juicebox is following robust AI security measures.
  • In the case of one enterprise deal, the buyer had no follow-up security questions after seeing the Trust Center, saving the founder valuable time by not filling out annoying security questionnaires.
  • The Trust Center got 5,000 views in just 2 weeks!

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