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Release automatically

Deploy with one-click or setup a release train so you don’t even have to push a button to release: your app gets released on schedule, every week.

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Wolfia release halting

Auto-halt releases with high crash rate

Use staged rollouts to gradually release to your users. We take care of monitoring the crash rate for you. If crashes are too high, we immediately halt the rollout.

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Wolfia release summary

See what changed

Get an AI-generated summary of what changed since the last release. You can even use it in your release notes.

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More ways we save you time

Streamline your release cycle from bumping the version to fixing bugs.

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Version bumping

Automatically bump the version and add a tag. See which commit was shipped to know what made it into the release.

Phased releases / Staged rollouts

Release in phases to test the release with a small group of users before going all out to 100%.

QR code

QR Code download

Easily download a specific build with a direct download link, or snap a QR Code from your phone to download.

Webhooks for customizations

Customize your release process with dedicated Webhooks that notifies you when the release starts and completes.


Supercharged with AI

  • Changes summary
  • Crash explanations
  • App Store reviews auto responses
  • One-click auto fix
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The variable wolf appears to be null. Most likely because it has not been initialized properly.
Pull-request generated
Initialize wolf variable to fix crash when pressing release button on dashboard.

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