Complete security reviews 10x faster

Fill security questionnaires with the most accurate answer instantly

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Trusted by the fastest growing companies
Solve intelligence
Accelerated velocity

Close enterprise deals faster without the hassle

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Get accurate answers

Instantly get the most accurate answers to any security question based on your policies & questionnaires

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Autofill questionnaires

Seamlessly import sheets to automatically fill questionnaires with AI answers

Unmatched accuracy

Expert AI responses to security questions

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Contextual responses

Customize the length and tone of AI responses

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Up-to-date answers

Keep your knowledge base updated by connecting to your data sources

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No hallucinations

Traceable answers with accurate references

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What people are saying

Trusted by the fastest growing companies

Through Wolfia, I'm able to quickly answer large questionnaires for many different clients. Wolfia has a unique approach to questionnaire automation. They use answers, and other sources of unstructured data, to build a living fact sheet about your security and compliance program. The answers that come from this flexible, dynamic approach are unlike anything else in the category.
Rob Picard
Co-founder & CEO · Observa
Ex-Security lead at Vanta
Portrait of Rob Picard
Wolfia increased the speed of passing security review by 5x. AI compliance has been key for a number of our deals, and Wolfia has helped us turn compliance processes into a strength. Highly recommend the platform for anyone selling AI software to enterprises.
David Paffenholz
Co-founder & CEO · PeopleGPT
Portrait of David Paffenholz
Wolfia helps us turn around security questionnaires in half the time while letting our team focus on higher leverage work. Would highly recommend!
Will Lawrence
Co-founder & CEO · Greenlite
Portrait of Will Lawrence
I hate filling out security questionnaires. As a GenAI company, I needed a tool to share my company's security and risk posture with larger customers. Wolfia helped me do that 10x faster!
Deepak Singla
Co-founder · Fini
Portrait of Deepak Singla

Security reviews 10x faster

Fill security questionnaires with the most accurate answer instantly

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